You clearly did bother to take the time to do the Step 3 Assignment PROPERLY. When asked about watching the “Step 3 Assignment Video” (the VERY last multiple choice question on the form and page), you chose to answer either:

No, I do not have the time to watch the next video. I will be skipping it, I am in a rush to get through this.


I might watch that video, I might not… we will see.

Both answers are WRONG and a BAD CHOICE! If that is the case? Please go cancel and ask for a refund since you clearly are not treating this seriously and just want to rush through it.

Alternatively, re-do the assignment, submit it, and WATCH THE VIDEO THAT FOLLOWS since it has very important instructions about the remaining few steps:

I WANT to help you to massive financial freedom! But I can only do my part if you do yours…