Blue Sky Appointment Information page

If you need it, Scott’s email is:

If the Discovery Call live stream does not work well (or replay, if you choose that), or you have ANY problems/trouble, email Scott @ the above-referenced and let him know… he can send you a Youtube link of a recorded Discovery Call, by request!

OK, at this point you’ve met with your Appointment Specialist who has outlined expectations, requirements, and similarly. Or, due to time constraints or your preferences, you were sent directly to this page.

You have the option to choose a call that either 1) happens in mornings (based on the Pacific Standard Time Zone), 2) after 12pm (12 noon) Pacific Time, 3) a Saturday call, or 4) listening to yesterday’s replay.

Listening to yesterday’s replay is perfectly fine, you can SKIP the live call and watch the last call I had immediately, right now. You will receive the SAME, EXACT INFORMATION as I share in the live calls. We will then schedule a 1-on-1, live call after you’re done, at your request.

In a minute, you will be clicking one of the registration links closer to the bottom of this page! You will choose from Options 1 through 4, below.

Before registering, be sure to choose your local timezone, as seen here (this is just a picture, scroll down to register), and check your email immediately after you register:

(This image above is just a picture, to register click one of the links below…)

When choosing any option below, find this button (after you click the registration link) by scrolling down just a tad on the registration page:

OPTION 1 (Watch right now, this instant):

If you want to watch the last live call Scott had, RIGHT NOW, this very second, and not have to wait for a future-scheduled call?

Click the link below and then click on where it says “Select date…”, it’s the 1st box as seen in the image above. Just choose, “Watch yesterday’s replay now”:

(This will be the same content and info Scott will share in a live call. If you have any trouble with )

OPTION 2 (Morning, PST):

If you want a call that happens in the mornings, in the Pacific Standard Time zone, click this link:

OPTION 3 (Afternoon to early evening PST):

(Afternoon to early evening PST): If you want a call that happens in the afternoons to early evening, in the Pacific Standard Time zone, click this link:

OPTION 4 (Saturday call):

If you want a Saturday morning call in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, click this link: