PreAppointment Process

(Please read entire page before watching the video!)

In Sophie’s Blue Sky Training, you will find the only place on the Internet where you get 1-on-1 Coaching exclusively with active 6 and 7 Figure Amazon Sellers!

Sophie’s system is very task-based, and step-by-step. This is your first “test”, and a great example of how coachable you will be, along with how well you follow someone’s instructions! Please watch the below-referenced video. I used to have my Appointment Specialist or my Personal Assistant do this call with you. Now, however?

This video has replaced that call in some cases, but mainly these 4:

1) Due to overwhelming demand for our product, or in the interest of valuing your time (or by request)
2) The Appointment Specialist and/or my personal assistant are struggling getting hold of you… or they are unavailable, i.e. called in sick etc.
3) You no-showed for your appointment.
4) You are a visual learner.
5) Tech difficulties (we call you through our customer management system App).

Especially in light of the fact that we’ve found that many people are visual learners, this video is incredibly helpful versus just voice-to-voice. It has actually been getting better feedback than the live calls we were making! So, please go ahead and watch this video, which walks you through our 3 Step Scheduling Process for your actual Discovery Call with Scott Hess.

When the video starts, “hover” over the video with your mouse for a moment. Then, CLICK the square in the bottom right-corner of the video to maximize its size to “full-screen”, for your best viewing pleasure. 😉 The video starts off voice only, then goes into “walk-through” around half way through.

Lastly, please be sure to click the link UNDER the video, immediately after you watch the vid… HINT: if you have any trouble with the video, click the 3 “dots” in the bottom-right corner of the video and download it to watch directly from your computer.

You MUST watch this video and follow its instructions BEFORE your Actual Discovery Call Appointment.

After you watch the video above, CLICK THIS LINK IMMEDIATELY please: