Confused, or having trouble?

If you are having trouble and do not know what to do next, are confused, or otherwise, I will often send people here. Below, you will find the step-by-step instructions and overview of exactly what it is you need to do and how our entire Coaching process will go, beginning-to-end. Please do things exactly in this order: Part I first, Part II next, and then Part III last.


As seen below:

Part I, “Getting started instructions”-
1) Click this link or enter this into your browser:
2) Watch that entire video on that page, beginning-to-end.
3) Then when done, click the “WELCOME APPOINTMENT” link that is under that video.
4) Then Watch the new video on that Welcome Appointment page
5) FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS in that Welcome Appointment video, and take notes. (In that video you are asked 6 questions… it is REQUIRED you send me the answers to those 6 questions in written form. Your training will NOT be opened until this is done!)
6) Once the above-referenced 5 steps are done, I will open your training and send further instructions! If at any time you have trouble accessing your actual training after all of PART I here is done, please read “PART II”, below.

Part II, “The steps and training”-

6) Go to log-in at:
and watch the first video. Only AFTER you watch that video, click the big blue button near the bottom of the page to get to the Module 1.
7) If you don’t know your password then enter the email you used to sign-up to this for your user name and then enter this word for your password: mastery
(Yes, the word “mastery” is your actual password)

8) Complete Modules 1, 2, and 3 of your “Success Blueprint” Training in 72 hours or less.
9) Only AFTER Modules 1, 2, 3 of the training are done, go complete your “Step 3 Assignment” (it’s located at ). Be sure you click the “submit” button near bottom of page. Once it is submitted, you will be automatically forwarded to a video with the proper answers. Be sure you also watch the “answers” video (you are taken to this video after you click the “Submit” button).

Part III, “On to the Strategy Session”-

10) Again, after you click “Submit” for your Step 3 Assignment, you are forwarded to a video with the proper answers. Let me know when you have watched that “Step 3 Answers” video. (Alternatively, let me know if you need that video.)
11) I will then open you up through Module 5 (but only AFTER the “Step 3 Answers” video is complete).
12) When you are about to START Mod 5, let me know. (Meaning: Send me a Skype message, or Facebook message saying, “Scott, I am starting Module 5”, or etc.)
13) I will provide a link to the Pre-Strategy Session video after you let me know you’re starting Module 5. You will watch the Pre-Strategy Session video AND fill out its Form, and then we will schedule our Strategy Session if appropriate.