SAN Strategy Session Info

Hi guys! If you are reading this, I have sent you to this page for a reason… READ THIS ALL! Literally EVERYTHING on this page needs to be finished before we can have our Strategy Session. Go through each listed item below, and make sure each and every item is done IN the numbered order!

If you write me and tell me you don’t know what to do or can’t find my PreStrategy Session Video, then you did NOT carefully read this page!And, be sure you CLICK the links below… some pages are “hidden” and can only be accessed by clicking what I have provided.

This page is not intended to be fancy. As most things, I don’t care about fancy-shmancy, I am focused on CONTENT and INSTRUCTIONS. Here is what I need from you ASAP! First, remember that every day of your life you are creating either GOOD habits or BAD habits for yourself based on the things you do, the actions you take, and the thoughts that enter and permeate your mind…  today, choose GOOD HABITS. Do NOT put off to tomorrow what you can do TODAY. Get and be COMMITTED… let’s go!

Make 100,000,000% sure you do ALL of these things seen and listed below, IN THE ORDER described and listed… and remember: If you fail to plan, you might as well plan to fail! Come up with a plan of action to do ALL of this in the next 48 hours or less. So:


1st– Only AFTER Step 6 (meaning the Exclusive Bonus Video (Bonus Module) with Misha, will you move to “#2”, shown below… this Bonus Module is REQUIRED, it is not optional. Just to be crystal clear:

Again, this is not “Module” 6, this is MY instructions, this is Scott’s “Step 6″ for you! The Bonus Module with Misha, THAT is Step 6 for our purposes here and now. You can find Misha’s Bonus video by logging in here like usual:

Then, once logged in:

Find the link at top-of-page that says, “Bonus” or “Bonus Module”. It is right next to Module 5 near the top of the page. Do that Bonus Module first, it is super important. Watch that ENTIRE video. Only AFTER that ENTIRE video is watched, go to #2, below.

2nd– And then only *after* you’re done with Misha’s Bonus Module, you will watch my Pre-Strategy Video here (at the link below). This must be done within or under 24 hours from Misha’s Bonus Module…  so now, IF you’ve completed Misha’s Bonus Module, click this link to get to MY Pre-Strategy Session video:

3rd– So to remind and clarify, you should have done things exactly in this order: 1) Make sure Step 5 Module 5 of Bootcamp is done. If so? Then do, 2) Misha’s Exclusive Bonus Module, 3) then my Pre-Strategy Video. Again, please be 100% sure you do things IN THAT ORDER.

4th– After MY Pre-Strategy Session Video, fill out my Pre-Strategy Session Form IMMEDIATELY upon finishing the video (the link to my form is UNDER my PreStrategy video). Then LET ME KNOW right away & immediately after that form is submitted!

5th– If you have already done all of this? Again, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY by Skype or Facebook. to Facebook mssg me,
or Skype message me via Skype ID: live:coachbyscott

6th– After all the above-referenced is done, you will be scheduling our live, 1-on-1 Strategy Session Appointment… a $500 value, for no-charge (which I reserve the right to NOT do for any reason I might choose, FYI). Upon clicking “submit” of your Pre-Strategy Session Form, you should be forwarded to the scheduling page and provide 3 suggested times for our appointment. If you aren’t, let Scott know ASAP.