SAN (Super Affiliate Network) Business Plan Info Page

Be sure to read ALL 5 “Requirements”, below

If you need it, Scott’s email is:

(***QUICK NOTE: If the Business Plan Webinar live stream does not work well (or the replay for that matter), or you have ANY problems/trouble, email Scott @ the above-referenced and let him know… he can send you a Youtube link of a recorded Discovery Call, by request!)

OK, at this point you’ve met with one of Scott Hess’s Personal Assistants (or Scott himself, in some cases), who outlined expectations, requirements, and similarly. Or, due to time constraints, a no-show for your appointment, or your preferences, you were sent directly to this page.

Your 5 “Business Plan Call” Requirements:

1- It is REQUIRED that you watched/attended Misha’s “Masterclass Training” prior to attending your Business Plan Webinar.

If you haven’t watched Misha’s Masterclass training, the Business Plan Call will not make sense! If you are not sure whether you have or haven’t watched/attended the Masterclass already, please click this link right now and check:

2- You MUST try to attend your Business Plan Call LIVE.

You will have many/ample opportunities throughout the course of the each day to attend this webinar. We provide something FREE as a gift, during the live webinars only… a link will appear on your screen to receive that gift. However, in the rare case you cannot attend live, you can choose the option to “Watch Yesterday’s Replay” when choosing the Date/Time of your call. It will take Scott roughly 70 minutes to do his webinar.

3- You MUST watch the webinar all the way to the end.

Over the last 5 minutes of your Business Plan Webinar, there will be a link that “pops out” and sends you to a web-form that you must fill out. It takes just 5 minutes to fill out this online form! This link is very important because if you don’t fill it out, Scott’s Personal Assistant(s) will call you until it is filled out! We don’t like badgering or harassing you, and feel this is a small thing to ask for giving you access to this free Business Plan. Be sure to fill out, it is the only way we know what to do when following up with you! Again, plan 70 minutes for this webinar.

4– This MUST be done in the next 48 hours, and you must be on time.

Here at SAN, we believe the time and effort you put into training, is a direct reflection the time you will put into your business! Be ON TIME for your Business Plan Call, by arriving 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. Then, just wait for it to start. (Scott usually starts 30 seconds after the actual scheduled call time) We ONLY work with people who are dead serious about changing their financial lives, and whose dreams are bigger than their excuses! If you procrastinate and delay, and can’t truly COMMIT to changing your life and finances? This probably isn’t a fit.

5– Do EVERYTHING you can to watch this on a PC, laptop, iPad, or similarly (something with a larger screen).

This “can” be done on a smartphone, but it is not ideal! First, the screen is small, and this is a visually-based presentation. Second, many smartphones have trouble keeping up with the live-stream, so it causes the webinar to start and stop.

Now? Please schedule your webinar below, right now.