Your literal, actual… Wealth Institute WELCOME APPOINTMENT.

This is IMPORTANT! Watch this ENTIRE video (below), ASAP. Follow EVERY instruction in the video to have your training opened.

Please be aware: THIS VIDEO HAS REPLACED YOUR SHORT, INITIAL, “WELCOME APPOINTMENT”… I do this because I “work smart, not hard”, every chance I can. And I WILL teach you how to do the same! Please do NOT write me asking, “Why can’t I schedule??” We WILL meet… just later on in the process (after Module 5). There is no reason to waste each other’s time, trying to determine workable schedules, when I can put this content into a short video presentation, and value BOTH our time. So, let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Disclaimer- I am required by FTC law to tell you that I cannot legally guarantee income, results, money, or otherwise, and none are implied. I talk of my mind-blowing results, and how it *could* be possible for you IF you follow what you are taught and will WORK to make it happen. There is no such thing as “get rich quick”, wealth is possible but it takes work and effort. I will show you a path to that. LET’S GO!

Watch this short vid NOW to learn how to access your training!

Guidance or Assistance needed for Skype or Facebook?

First, did you watch the video, above? If not, watch that first. There are two acceptable methods of communication: Skype, and Facebook. SKYPE IS STRONGLY PREFERRED. If you are located outside the United States, Skype is required because it allows us to talk “Skype-to-Skype” for 100% free. Do NOT purchase anything! The free version of Skype is acceptable.

Here are videos to assist:

First, a couple of Skype tutorials:


How to send Coach Scott a contact request, and add him on Skype.

Quick Facebook set-up tutorial from Coach Scott. If you have a hard time seeing the video, after pressing “play” simply click the square in the bottom-right of the video to maximize the screen.

Remember, my Skype ID is: live:coachbyscott
My Facebook Coaching page is located at: